Polowy Stone Mason and Landscape Supply, Inc. in Lafayette, NJ

River Stone, Pebbles & Boulders from Polowy Brothers, LLC in Lafayette, NJ

River Stone, Pebbles and Boulders can accent any garden bed nicely. It can also be found mixed into streams, ponds, and natural waterfall designs. In a more structured look, river stone makes a fine border for perennial beds.

3/4" to 2" Beach Pebbles – in 40-lbs Bags

Beach pebbles come in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures, and could have streaks of quartz and different colored sedimentary rock. Beach pebbles are mostly smooth but, depending on the frequency they are exposed to the sea, they can have marks of contact with debris, shells, or rocks.

River Stone Typical Application
River Stone Typical Application