Polowy Stone Mason and Landscape Supply, Inc. in Lafayette, NJ

Bullnosing Stone Service from Polowy Stone Mason & Landscape Supply, Inc. in Lafayette, NJ

We can add many types of edge detail to your natural stone using state-of-the-art machinery. We can customize bullnose to your size specifications, and guarantee consistency from piece-to-piece.

We finish the edges of marble and high-pressure granite. All of our work is done to ensure a perfect fit. Our specialists also trim field tile. Our quality workmanship for natural stone products is unparalleled.

  • Pool Coping
  • Bathroom Sinks
  • Kitchen Sinks
  • Countertops
  • Bathroom Floors & Showers
  • Tile

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Full Bullnose
Full Bullnose
Bullnosing Stone
Bullnosed Product
Full Bullnose Stone
Full Bullnose Stone
Bullnosing Stone
Bullnosed Product
Bullnosing Around Pool
Bullnosed Stone
Bullnosed Stone
Bullnosed Stone Around Pool
Bullnosed Stone
Bullnosed Stone

Various Bullnose Techniques

Full Bullnose Technique
Half Bullnose Technique
Half Bevel Bullnose Technique
Incline Bullnose Technique
Full Bullnose
Half Bullnose
Half Bevel Bullnose
Incline Bullnose
Ogee Bullnose Technique
Quarter Bevel Bullnose Technique
Quarter Round Bullnose Technique
Roman Ogee Bullnose Technique
Ogee Bullnose
Quarter Bevel Bullnose
Quarter Round Bullnose
Roman Ogee Bullnose
Shark's Tooth Bullnose Technique
Step Half Bullnose Technique
Triple Half Bullnose Technique
Shark's Tooth Bullnose
Step Half Bullnose
Triple Half Bullnose